End of Tenancy Guidelines

At the end of your tenancy you should ensure the Property is returned to Simply Let in the same standard and condition as it was whn you moved in, subject to fair wear and tear. Failure to do so will result in Simply Let seeking to claim all or part of your deposit to defray the Landlord's costs in bringing the Property back up to standard.

When we meet you at the Property to check you out, we will carry out a detailed comparison of the Property against the start of tenancy inventory. The cost of making good any loss or damage beyond fair wear and tear will be claimed from your deposit.

In the case of significant accidental damage or malicious damage or other money due by the Tenant, the Landlord or Simply Let as the Landlord's Agent may pursue you through the courts if you refuse to pay.


Clean and Tidy Guidelines

  • Remove all belongings and any rubbish before the check out.  Any personal belongings left in the Property will be disposed of and the time-cost of doing so as well any disposal costs incurred will be claimed from your deposit.
  • All items must be moved to the location they were in when you moved in to the Property.
  • Dishes, pots, pans and cutlery must be washed and put away neatly.
  • Oven, hobs, microwaves and all other appliances must be cleaned thoroughly. You must use the correct cleaning materials to ensure you do not damage the appliances. You may think that the oven or trays and shelves will not clean completely, but they will if you use the correct cleaning materials. If you do not use the correct cleaning materials for the inside of the oven, then it is unlikely the oven will be clean enough.
  • If there is an extractor above the hob, then it must also be cleaned and free from grease. You must remove the metal grease filters to clean them thoroughly and replace the charcoal filters.
  • Washing machines must be clean - clean the soap drawer, which is usually removable, inside the drum and around the door.
  • Fridges and freezers must be defrosted and cleaned thoroughly using suitable disinfectant. After cleaning, you should ideally leave them switched off with the doors held open. If you cannot switch them off, close the doors and leave them switched on.
  • All kitchen units and cupboards must be cleaned inside and out and on top.
  • Furniture must be moved, vacuumed underneath and replaced.
  • Carpets must be professionally cleaned if there are any marks or spills. Excessive carpet wear is not regarded as fair wear and tear. You should ensure that outdoor footwear is not worn in the Property.
  • Any marked or stained curtains must be professionally washed or dry cleaned according to instructions on the labels - if there are no instructions, they must be dry cleaned.  Any stains or marks on furniture must be professionally cleaned.
  • All woodwork including skirting, window sills and door surrounds must be clean and free from dust.
  • All light fittings, lamp shades and sockets must be free of dust, dirt and grease.
  • All windows must be clean, inside and out.
  • All areas in the bathroom, including the toilet, sink, bath, shower screen/curtain must be thoroughly clean and disinfected.

If the bath, shower or sink sealant is mouldy then it will be replaced at cost to the Tenant.

Don't forget inside all the cupboards and wardrobes or inside any drawers in the flat - it must all be cleaned. Perhaps you stored some things away which you have not used - they must be taken back to where they were and cleaned.

Please note that these guidelines are intended to help Tenants avoid losing their deposit. It is not a comprehensive list.

All properties are different, but the bottom line is that the whole Property and everything in it must be in the same place and condition as it was on the day of entry and everything must be clean.




Returning Your Deposit

Your deposit is held by SafeDeposits Scotland.  Simply Let's aim is to see your deposit less any charges returned to you as quickly as possible. This may take longer if any repairs are necessary, or if cleaning is required.  After agreeing the amount of any deductions with you, we will write to SafeDeposts Scotland requesting that your deposit is returned to you subject to that agreed deduction being directed to Simply Let.  SafeDeposits Scotland will then write to you asking whethr you agree to that proposal or wish to submit a different proposal.  If you agree SafeDeposits Scotland will send you and Simply Let the proposed amounts.  If you disagree, then SafeDeposits Scotland will ask us to try to reach agreement with you.  Simply Let will act fairly and reasonably in any such discussion but will seek to fully safeguard your Landlord's legitimate interests.  If we cannot reach agreement with you then you have the opportunity to ask that the matter be referred to adjudication.  The adjudicator will decide how the deposit should be returned only on the basis of any evidence submitted to him/her by you and Simply Let.

  • See the SafeDeposits Scotland Guide for Tenants via the web link at the foot of this page.


Utilities and Council Tax

We will take final meter readings but it is your responsibility to ensure that your account is closed. You must pay any outstanding balances and supply forwarding addresses to the utility companies.

If you haven't done so already, you should ensure your Council Tax Account is closed and there is no outstanding balance.



If you haven't done so already, you should arrange for any mail to be forwarded to your next address by using the Royal Mail Redirection Service and inform all utilities, banks etc that you are moving. 

Any mail addressed to you and forwarded to our office by the next Tenant will be returned to sender.




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