Ending Your Tenancy

How to end or renew your tenancy

Ater the initially contracted term ends (at the end date quoted on your Tenancy Agreement) then if neither you nor Simply Let has taken any action to end the tenancy it will simply continue on a monthly basis until such action is taken.  It is important therefore that if you want to leave the property at that end date you take the action outlined below at least two months before the end date.  If you would like the assurance of a further secure term, you can ask Simply Let for a new agreement for 6 months or more.


Ending your tenancy

The notice period on your tenancy is 2 months. Even if you want to end the tenancy at the initial tenancy end date, you must give us at least 2 months written notice before this date.  For instance, if your tenancy is due to end at 28 June, you must let us have written notice no later than 27 April.  Notice by e-mail is adequate, but please make sure that we acknowledge receipt in case your e-mail is diverted to our "Junk" folder and inadvertantly deleted without being read.


Preparing to leave

When you decide to end the tenancy, you must contact Highland Council Council Tax Office (01463 250721 or operations.team@highland.gov.uk ) to inform them that you are ending your tenancy and ask for a final bill for Council Tax as they may take 4 to 6 weeks to process any changes.  The final Council Tax bill must cover the full period to the end of your tenancy, even if you ar actually moving out a short time before that.

You should plan for forwarding any mail to your next address by using the Royal Mail Redirection Service, and also inform all utilities, banks etc. that you are moving and let them have your new address.