Guidelines During Your Tenancy

Your Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract which sets out both your and your landlord's rights and responsibilities. You should read the Tenancy Agreement carefully to ensure you understand your obligations.

Some of the key obligations are detailed below.


Utilities and Council Tax

We will advise you of the current utility providers and take opening meter readings.
Although we will send those readings and your details to the current providers, it is your responsibility to contact them to set up appropriate payment plans for your accounts.

You must also contact Highland Council to set up an account and payment plan for your council tax.



The Landlord undertakes to pay all premiums for insurance of the building and any contents belonging to the Landlord. The Landlord will have no liability for any items belonging to the Tenant.

The Tenant is responsible for arranging insurance of his own belongings. It is recommended that the Tenant take out Tenant Contents Insurance. Policies are available which will also cover accidental damage to Landlord Property.



If anything which is the landlord's repairing responsibilty breaks down or develops a fault then please let us know quickly so that we can deal with it.  Simply Let values its reputation for prompt and efficient attention to repairs, but we can do so only if we know they are required.  You can report a fault here.

Routine minor tasks like replacing light bulbs will be for you to attend to, as will removal of wasp nests and, should they arrive with you, mice (unless their entry is due to a defect in the building)



Regular cleaning is recommended as it may not be sufficient to just clean the property at the end of the tenancy.

In particular, cooking areas such as the hob and oven should be cleaned on a regular basis as food or grease left in these areas for a length of time can be difficult to remove.

Ensure bathrooms and other areas in the Property are kept well aired. The tiles, grout and sealant round the bath or shower must be allowed to dry adequately after use and cleaned regularly. If you allow the tiles, grout or sealant to go mouldy or black due to lack of care, then you will be charged for re-sealing or grouting and for any resulting water ingress.



Condensation occurs when moisture-laden warm air meets a surface which is cold.  The moisture then drops out on to the cold surface.  It is most common in bathrooms and kitchens, for obvious reasons but can also occur in bedrooms and living rooms.  You should ensure that you use exctractor fans where provided and that you keep the grilles clear by using a vacuum cleaner on them occasionally.  It is important to ensure that, in winter, all rooms in the property are kept at a minimum level of heat all day rather thne just using the heating when you come home from work.  Please ensure too that window trickle vents are kept open and that if necessary to clear steam, bathroom windows are opened after showering.  If condensation does occur, please use a cloth to mop up any moisture deposited on walls, ceilings or window sills.  The Tenancy Agreement places an obligation on tenants to do these things and the landlord may have a valid claim on your deposit if condensation occurs and it is established that you have omitted to do so.  That claim may extend to include the cost of any redecoration required.


Garden Maintenance

If there is a private garden with the Property, you must maintain it to a reasonable standard.  This means keeping it free of weeds and cutting grass and hedges regularly.  You may prefer to engage a gardener to do this.  The landlord will deal with any garden work which would require a stepladder, such as trimming tree branches.


Cold Weather

You must take all necessary steps to ensure that water pipes do not freeze or cause flood. If you are unsure about what is required, you should seek professional advice.


Anti-Social Behaviour

You must behave responsibly throughout your tenancy. You should respect your neighbours and behave in the same way that you would expect your neighbours to behave towards you.  Simply Let takes anti-social behaviour very seriously and we will deal with it firmly, taking steps to end your tenancy if necessary.


Occupation of the Property

You must not sublet any of the rooms in the Property, although of course you are welcome to have visitors to stay for a week or so provided there are sufficient rooms. If you are going away for a period of more than 2 weeks, you must inform us.


Regular Visits

We will carry out a detailed visual inspection of the Property regularly by prior appointment.  Any maintenance issues or accidental damage will be noted and the appropriate action taken.


Landlord Mail

You have an obligation under the Tenancy Agreement to promptly forward to Simply Let any mail addressed to us or to the landlord.  We appreciate there is a limit to this and so ask that you let us know if significant volumes are being received.

Mail to anyone other than the Landlord or the Landlord's Agent should be returned to sender.


Using the Appliances in the Property

User Instruction manuals for appliances like the cooker or heating system should be in the Tenant's Information Folkder at the property.  If necessary, you will be shown at check-in how to use any appliances including heating systems.
If you find it difficult to use any appliances in the Property during the tenancy, please contact Simply Let and we will endeavour to help.