Inventory and Record of Condition

The key to avoiding disputes at the end of a tenancy lies in having a professionally prepared inventory in place at the beginning.  That is particularly the case now that Tenancy Deposit Protection is in force, as any dispute which can't be resolved between landlord and tenant may be decided on by a remote third party adjudicator.  An inventory is much more than a simple list of contents.  It needs to record the condition of the property and everything within it, as well as whether furnishings comply with fire safety regulations.  We're fortunate in Inverness in having low crime rates and Simply Let is rigorous in choosing responsible tenants, but there have been instances in some of the larger cities of central heating boilers and even brass door handles being sold by tenants.

Simply Let will prepare a fully detailed digital inventory with embedded date-stamped digital images so that there can be no doubt about the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and what fixtures were included.  That will be an indisputable benchmark should there be any loss damage to the property at the end of the tenancy.

Take a look at the links below, which more fully explain the value of a reliable inventory.  It's perhaps worth noting that it takes considerable time to prepare an inventory - over an hour for an unfurnished 1-bed flat, to perhaps 4 or 5 hours or more for a furnished villa.

Under our managed services we will check out your tenant at the end of the tenancy, noting the presence and condition of all contents against the ingoing inventory, and produce a detailed Check-out Report.  This will enable indisputable evidence to be presented to an adjudicator should that become necessary.

Costs -

1-2 bed unfurnished - £100.00 + VAT (equivalent to £120)

Per additional bedroom - £30.00 + VAT (equivalent to £36)

Furnished property inventories will attract a 50% surcharge on the above rates.

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