Clear and open communication is key to the establishment of trust.

Before we set up Simply Let we used local letting agents to manage our properties.  One of the most frustrating things was the lack of communication from them if things weren't quite right.  For properties under our management Simply Let will keep you in the picture if there's trouble of any sort brewing or if a significant repair cost is coming up.  We'll try hard to adapt our style to suit your preference so, if you are comfortable with leaving us to get on with things and want to know only if there's a real problem, we won't trouble you beyond our regular property visit reports.  If you prefer closer communication, we'll try to accommodate your preferences.

When you need to contact us, you can do so by e-mail, phone 01463 718888 or via our website.  We do like our free time after business for the day is done and so we ask that you leave a telephone message unless its an emergency (we're always contactable in that eventuality)   E-mail is good because you can send it out of hours and we'll deal with it next day, or you can text us on 07854 938340 and ask us to call you back next day.

If you're unhappy with something then we'd like to know so that we can put it right, so please do tell us.