Minimum Energy Ratings for Rented Properties

13th March 2019

Landlords of residential let property in Scotland should be gearing up now for any necessary works to their properties in advance of the introduction next year of minimum energy efficiency standards for let properties. • From 1 April 2020, any new tenancy will require the...

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Looking to Invest in the Inverness Rental Market?

19th February 2019

We're often asked by would-be investors what sort of property they should buy and which areas of Inverness are best.  Here are a few of our thoughts. One bedroomed flats are usually snapped up quickly and two bedrooms, which suit couples...

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How to encourage your tenants to stay longer

1st February 2019

The most expensive times for a landlord are when your property is empty, on the market and seeking tenants. You have Council Tax and utilities standing charges to pay, possibly mortgage repayments, and no rent whatsoever coming in. So how do you retain...

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What does 2019 hold for Inverness Landlords?

11th January 2019

The Paperwork Has Changed.                                       ...

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Private Residential Tenancies - One year on.

16th December 2018

The Private Residential Tenancy has been with us for a year now and we’ve been reflecting on how it has changed the way we do things. The essence of tenancy management centres on good people skills, ability to manage an often-complex...

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One of the Costliest Mistakes a Landlord Can Make

8th November 2018

We at Simply Let are good at what we do:  We know the Inverness rental market inside out, are careful in selecting responsible tenants and, because of that, are able to return tenants' deposits in full in 85% of cases.  We have...

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Letting Agent Registration - Is There an Anomaly?

1st October 2018

Yesterday, 1 October 2018, was the final date by which all letting agents managing residential tenancies in Scotland must have applied to be listed on the new Register of Letting Agents.  It will be a criminal offence to continue to practice without having done...

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Exciting News!

23rd August 2018

We're thrilled that Simply Let has been shortlisted as one of only three finalists in the Residential Lettings Team of the Year category at The Herald Property Awards. The Awards “honour the achievements of Scotland’s most innovative and successful...

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How do you make sure the landlord you’re about to rent from is a good one?

26th July 2018

Landlords tend to get a bad press.  There are certainly criminally inclined individuals in the bigger cities taking advantage of the vulnearble, but we don't come across that too much in Inverness.  The vast majority of under-performing landlords are simply...

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How to Reduce Void Periods and Get Your Property Let Quickly

11th July 2018

“Void" periods can be the most expensive time for landlords:  Council tax and utilities standing charges to pay, as well probably as financing costs, and no income coming in.  The cash flow is all one way, and sums can quickly...

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