Two Tier PRS?

28th January 2014

We were struck by how completely these results from a National Landlords' Association survey differ from the picture portrayed in Shelter's publlicity. The survey reveals general content amongst tenants, who do not, it seems, feel under fear of eviction and who...

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Housing (Scotland) Bill

14th January 2014

The Scottish Government is calling for views on the Housing (Scotland) Bill, shortly to go through its committee stages at Holyrood.  There are links to the Consultation Document and to the Bill itself below. Not the most riveting read, the Bill does...

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A New Year

6th January 2014

As we return to routine after the festive break we'd like to wish all our landlords and tenants, and visitors to this page, a very happy and healthy 2014.   May it bring you all some memorable highlights and not too many...

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