More Rigorous Landlord Registration Process Kicks In

More Rigorous Landlord Registration Process Kicks In

This month will see changes in the registration process for landlords of private residential property in Scotland. The Private Landlord Registration (Information) (Scotland) Regulations 2019 will require from landlords further information about them and their properties.


From 16 September 2019, private landlords applying for registration will be required to declare whether or not they comply with relevant statutory obligations, including:

  • The tolerable and repairing standards
  • Fire and carbon monoxide safety
  • Gas and electrical safety
  • Private water supplies and legionella risk assessment
  • Energy performance certificates, insurance and common repairs on tenement property
  • HMO licences for Houses in Multiple Occupation


The enhanced regulations will allow local authority Landlord Registration teams to make informed decisions as to whether or not a private landlord meets the approval criteria.  The new regulations do not introduce any new obligations (other than as required by the enhanced regulations themselves) but they are intended to raise awareness of existing regulations and to underline the need for compliance with them.  They are part of the Scottish Government’s drive to ensure that rented homes are safe, secure and of good quality and that private sector landlords are fulfilling their statutory obligations.


If you're unsure about what the law requires of you as a landlord or would like any further information about becoming a landlord please get in touch.





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