Looking for a Property?

If you are looking for a property to rent you should use a reputable letting agent who will guide you thorough the process and deal with any issues arising during your tenancy.  Simply Let is Regulated By RICS and licenced by ARLA so you can be certain that your tenancy through Simply Let will be properly and professionally managed at all times.  Simply Let is also accredited by Landlord Accreditation Scotland in recognition of the fact that we operate to nationally agreed standards of best-practice.

In the unlikely event that you feel we have a complaint Simply Let has in place a formal Complaints Handling Procedure.

Steps to your Tenancy

1 - Select your preferred property from our Properties Page

2 - Contact us to arrange a viewing

Prior to showing you the property we'll need to be reasonably certain that you'd be able to fulfil the terms of the tenancy agreement we'd be asking you to sign and that your status wouldn't put the landlord in breach of his mortgage lender's or insurer's conditions.  So at this stage we will gather some basic information about you.

If you like the property and want to proceed, we'll then need evidence of your suitability for the tenancy.

Subject to satifactory evidence being provided, we will then draw up a Tenancy Agreement and move you into your new home.  You will require a deposit of £500.00 or more, depending on the rental value of the property. We will lodge your deposit with SafeDeposits Scotland in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.  You will also need to pay the first month’s rent in advance. You will be offered a Scottish Private Residential Tenancy, of open-ended duration which means that you can stay for as long as you feel you want to, with a few exceptions.  Information about the private residential tenancy, including your landlord's right to end it, can be found here.

The property you move into will have undergone all required safety checks on furnishings and gas and electrical services. We will have explained to your Landlord your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and will make these clear to you too.  You can expect an informed and prompt response from us in relation to any questions you may have before or during your tenancy.  We will arrange to visit you shortly after you move in and then very three months or so to ensure all is well and also to enable us to deal promptly with any matter giving cause for concern.